Our Process of Making Cold Pressed Oil

We at LivePlus adopt the same method of oil extraction used by our great grandparents. The Marachekku or the wood press is our country’s heirloom.

Cold Pressed Oil

Cold Pressed Oil Machine / Mara Chekkku

This simple equipment gives us oil that is as close to how nature has it created. Get a step by step look into how LivePlus brings the tastiest, healthiest cold pressed oils (also called as chekku ennai) on your table.

LivePlus oils are made using raw material produced from dry land cultivation(natural or organic). This way the purity of the product is intact right from the start. Extra care is taken to source naturally harvested produce straight from the farms. Nature creates, we simply extract.

Step by Step Process of Making  Cold Pressed Oil / Mara Chekku ennai

  • Cleaning: In this step, the seeds are cleaned of their impurities by passing them through passages with air propulsion systems.
  • Milling: Next, the cleaned seeds are ground into a paste using wooden rotor made of vaagai wood (vagai mara chekkku).
  • Pressing: This is the most crucial step of the extraction process. First, the groundpaste is slowly churned. The oil starts separating from the solids. Then, a wood press is used to press the oil out. At LivePlus, we take utmost care in ensuring that the heat does not exceed the room temperature.

    Pure Cold Pressed Oil

    Pure Cold Pressed Oil

  • Filtration: Once the oil is pressed out of the seeds, the extract is passed through filters to separate the solid material. In the final stage of the filtration process, the oil is passed through cloth to remove all the impurities.
  • Decantation: In this step, the remaining sediment is separated from the oil by allowing it to settle by force of gravity.

LivePlus’s naturally extracted, pristine oil is then packaged.