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LivePlus Cold Pressed Oil in Bangalore

LivePlus Cold Pressed Oil Pressery Unit in Bangalore

We Manufacture naturally extracted Cold Pressed Oil in Bangalore using the traditional method of wood pressing/cold pressing for the crushing of the seeds, thereby ensuring healthy cooking oil, Unadulterated, natural oils that retain their authentic taste and innumerable health benefits.

What is Cold Pressed Oil | Wood Pressed Oil?

Cold pressing or wood pressing is a process that has been used by our ancestors to produce oil. With the advent of industrialization, the legacy of this traditional method was forgotten. The benefits of cold press oils and more importantly the quality of LivePlus oils is best understood when we know the difference between the methods of production.

Method of Pressing Cold pressed oil (Mara chekku Ennai)

During the process of oil extraction, the seeds are crushed using pressure. The pressure exerted causes the temperature to rise, which causes the seeds to lose the goodness of its nutrients and taste. In cold pressing or wood pressing, a traditional wood churner (referred to as Marachekku) is used to crush the seeds and extract the oil. Even though the friction causes the temperature to rise, the slow, mechanical process ensures that the temperature does not go beyond the room temperature. This helps in the retention of the goodness of the oil.

However, in machine pressed oils, the expeller machine that is used to crush the seeds cause high rise in temperature, leading to loss of valuable nutrients of the oil.

Degree of Purity

Oil produced by LivePlus, extracted by the traditional methods, are preservative free oil is packaged asĀ  it is. There are no additives or preservatives that go into the extracted oil. This way, the oil you use is as natural as it can be. Industry produced oils on the other hand are refined using chemicals, preservatives are added to increase shelf life. These oils, apart from losing their natural nutrients, also cause health hazards due to the addition of these chemicals.