Coconut Oil

A superhero, a multitasker, playing the roles of a tastemaker and a beauty enhancer, the coconut oil is an indispensable asset of every home. When LivePlus is your choice of coconut oil, you receive its complete goodness.

Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil is the healthiest oil that can be used in cooking. Foods cooked in groundnut oil are delectable. With LivePlus’s 100%  Pure Cold Pressed groundnut oil, you can relive the traditional taste and enjoy the immense health benefits it offers

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil occupied an important place in our kitchens and hearts during the earlier generations. Reviving the tradition of wood pressing is bringing back this wonder oil in all its glory

Quality ingredients are at the heart of a good meal. LivePlus was established with a focus to positively transform the taste and health of food through natural products. Set up in 2017, LivePlus is into the production of natural, unadulterated food products. Every product of ours is created using traditional production methods to retain the taste and health benefits of the farm produce. At LivePlus, we take great responsibility as well as pride in the taste of our products and the health of our customers.


High Quality seeds are sourced carfully from Farmers, Oil is extracted in a hygenic clean enviornment, Please visit our production facitlity to witness



After Seeds are Cold Pressed and Extracted in Wooden Rotary, the Oil is allowed to sediment naturally for Hours before packed in the containers.


There are numerous health benefit as Nutrients are Intact and Natural flavor and Aroma is retained.

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